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Preparation Overview

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Preparation is the cornerstone of the educator career continuum. There is a significant link between educator preparation and educator effectiveness and, in turn, between educator effectiveness and student achievement. Continuous improvement of teacher preparation is essential to:

  • Graduating better-prepared teachers who tend to stay in schools longer and therefore help create stability in schools.
  • Improving distribution of effective teachers by preparing teachers to serve underresourced school systems.
  • Preparing teachers with evidence-based teaching methods that promote effective instructional practices.
  • Raising student achievement by preparing teachers to work with diverse students in diverse settings.

Innovation Configurations

Innovation configurations provide formative information about teacher education programs and professional development activities by giving an overview of the competencies taught and practiced within general and special education teacher preparation programs. Innovation configurations can be used as the basis for policy and program changes in teacher preparation and professional development. The TQ Center hosts innovation configurations regarding the following topics:

Tips & Tools Key Issue

The TQ Center addresses teacher preparation for successful teaching in at-risk schools in the following Key Issue, which includes links to real-world strategies and resources that the states and districts currently implement to address the topics.

TQ Connection Blog

The goal of the TQ Connection blog is to bring together content experts and practitioners who can make the connection between effective teacher preparation and evaluating teacher performance. The TQ Center hosts a new discussion blog that highlights specific topics related to teacher preparation and effectiveness.

TQ Connection Issue Papers

TQ Connection Issue Papers provide a framework for discussing and addressing topics regarding the preparation of effective teachers.

The Need:

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) requested that the TQ Center conduct two webcasts for 325T grantees. The webcasts were to include information regarding the TQ Center innovation configurations designed to evaluate the integration of evidence-based practices within teacher preparation curricula.

Our Response:

The TQ Center responded to the OSEP request by offering two webcasts: The Use of Innovation Configurations to Improve Teacher Preparation in Reading Instruction and The Use of Innovation Configurations to Improve Teacher Preparation in Critical Areas.

The Need:

The need to translate research-based practices into tangible professional development tools that teachers can use to improve classroom instruction continues to grow. The TQ Center responded to this question: What can be done to assist institutions of higher education, states, and professional organizations to better align scientifically supported reading research to ensure that preservice and inservice teachers provide the best instructional practices and principles available to teach all students to read?

Our Response:

The TQ Center hosted a technical assistance workshop, From Planning to Action: Effectively Using Your Professional Development Resources, in an effort to answer the question posed. The workshop sessions focused on such topics as professional development for Gen Y teachers for special student populations, professional development standards, and putting professional development research and policy into action.

The GTL Center supports Regional Comprehensive Centers through explicit technical assistance efforts; in addition, the GTL Center can provide assistance with Preparation by:

  • Identifying the research and policies that support stakeholders in evaluating the effectiveness of preservice teachers.

  • Facilitating conversations about linking educator evaluations with teacher preparation programs.

  • Identifying ways to use teacher preparation program accountability results to modify curriculum.

Preparation is the foundation to developing an educator workforce that is effective with students. Learn more about how Preparation affects Recruitment, Hiring, & Placement or Evaluation.

Techical Assistance Toolbox: Preparation Recruitment, Hiring, & Placement Evaluation

Preparation has direct implications on how teachers are recruited, hired, and placed. This is particularly true when there is a shortage of teachers because preparation institutions need to respond to those teaching vacancies. Strong relationships between districts and institutions of higher education or alternative certification programs can help identify vacancies and develop a pipeline for schools.

Preparation also has an impact on a teacher's ability to be effective with students. Strong preparation programs prepare teachers to work with students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and with students who are at different learning levels. Linking teachers' effectiveness with teachers' institutions of preparation can assist the institutions to address any preparation deficiencies and help produce teachers who are more effective.

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