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Interactive Data Tools

The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders provides several online, interactive tools.

Moving Toward Equity: An Online Policy and Practice Guide for Equitable Teacher Distribution

This online guide focuses on equitable teacher distribution (ETD) to provide regional comprehensive centers, state education agencies, local education agencies, and school leaders with essential background information on measuring teacher distribution, practical strategies to address inequity in teacher distribution, as well as useful examples and helpful resources targeted at each level of decision making.

Databases on State Teacher and Principal Evaluation Policies (STEP and SPEP)

The STEP and SPEP Databases are interactive, online databases of teacher and principal evaluation policies in several states. The database includes information on eight key components of comprehensive teacher and principal evaluation systems. Users can select states and components to generate customized tables in PDF format displaying database results.

Online Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Principal Evaluation Systems

Across the country, states and districts are designing principal evaluation systems as a means of improving leadership, learning, and school performance. Principal evaluation systems hold potential for supporting leaders’ learning and sense of accountability for instructional excellence and student performance. Principal evaluation is also an important component of state and district systems of leadership support efforts, especially when newly designed evaluation systems work in conjunction with principal certification, hiring, and professional development systems.

Online Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation Systems

This tool is designed to assist states and districts in constructing high-quality teacher evaluation systems in an effort to improve teaching and learning. It is intended to facilitate discussion and promote cohorence in the development process. The guide is structured around the essential components of the design process and each subsection includes an overview of the component, resources and practical examples, and a series of guiding questions.

Teacher Evaluation Models in Practice

This new TQ Center online resource responds to the need for detailed information about the design, implementation, and delivery of teacher evaluation models in practice in districts and states.

Guide to Evaluation Products

The Guide to Evaluation Products is a searchable database that can be used by states and districts to explore various evaluation methods and tools used for evaluating teacher and principal effectiveness. This online database currently includes detailed descriptions of more than 100 tools organized in 10 general evaluation categories: observations of teachers and principals, instructional artifacts, portfolios, teacher self-report measures, parent and student surveys, value-added models, student performance measures, school climate surveys, 360-degree surveys, and combination models. These resources were gathered through a scan of teacher and principal evaluation literature and through conversations with multiple state education agency personnel, evaluation developers, universities, and nonprofit organizations that focus on issues of teacher and leadership quality and evaluation.