Ask the Team

Each month, the GTL Center receives requests for information on a variety of educator quality topics from regional center and state education agency staff. In response, GTL staff members conduct policy scans, review research, and reach out to leaders in the field to craft comprehensive responses that best answer the question at hand.

To share this information with the larger educator quality community, we created Ask the Team—a monthly publication series that summarizes key examples, strategies, or research findings compiled from the GTL Center responses. Each brief can be read in less than 10 minutes.

March 2013

Lacking Capacity? How to Work Smart in Teacher Evaluation

How are states addressing capacity challenges, such as dealing with the challenge of performing multiple observations for teachers?

Flexibility for Fairness: Crafting Business Rules for Student Learning Objectives

How are states creating business rules for Student Learning Objectives, such as exceptions for students with poor attendance, teachers on leave, or teachers serving as intervention specialists?

Two of a Kind: Are Your District’s Evaluation Systems Equivalent?

How are states creating equivalency or approval processes for district evaluation systems?